Marine Logistics Services

We lease the following vessels to Clients - to support Oil & Gas exploration, production, crude oil offtake, offshore construction and offshore facilities maintenance activities:

  • Anchor Handling Tugs (AHTS)
  • Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV)
  • Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)
  • Security Vessels
  • Crew Boats
  • Survey Vessels

Our well maintained fleet of vessels meet a wide range of work requirements in the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Oil and Gas Industry. We possess a proven track record of providing reliable services to Clients. Our vessels are manned by well trained experienced personnel who adhere to international best practices. Our vessel management plan ensures that the Client's interests are well met. We operate a rigorous maintenance and upgrade program to keep our fleet in line with international regulations and operating standards. In addition, our team of certified mechanics and port engineers continuously monitor the status of our fleet - to ensure a reliable standard of operation and reduction in downtime. We have an unparallelled safety record within the industry, having never suffered any incident

Logistics Base Services

Coastland Energy Logistics Limited provides the underlisted Logistics Base Services to Oil & Gas E & P Companies and Oil Servicing Companies through her subsidiary (Shoreline Logistics Nigeria Limited):

  • Facility Leasing Services (Warehouse, Stacking Area, Office Space, and Accommodation)
  • Cargo Handling Services
  • Marine and Air Logistics Support Services
  • Potable Water Supply
  • Bulking of Diesel
  • Terminal / Port Operation Service